2012, Weeks Thirty-Four and Thirty-Five

Wowza. I got a little bit behind. I have a good excuse, though: I have a new baby niece! Last week I crammed a full week of work into three days, then hopped a plane for San Diego to cuddle a newborn. It was great.

Here’s what happened before that:

Aug 19 – I made some muffins. These Carrot Cherry Morning Muffins were great for breakfast. Give them a try!

Stuffed Tomatoes
Aug 20 – I made these stuffed tomatoes from Heidi Swanson’s cookbook, and they were so good. I can’t wait to make them again.

Lavash Wrap
Aug 21 – I bought some lavash bread for wraps to pack up for work, and I love it! This is my new go-to bread choice for sandwiches. It doesn’t get soggy, doesn’t tear as easily as tortillas, and tastes great. Score.

New work set up
Aug 22 – I bought myself a new wireless keyboard and mouse for work, and I love the new set up.

Grey day in Oakland
Aug 23 – The grey, grey view from our apartment in Oakland. Mornings have been gloomy, but it usually burns off my noon and gets warm and sunny. I do miss sunny mornings, though.

Experiments in self-portraiture
Aug 24 – Experiments in self-portraiture. With the iPhone, so they’re a little grainy.

Honey Bread
Aug 25 – I made a sweet honey bread to take to a friend’s for dinner. I will definitely have to make it again, it smelled so good.

Romesco Chicken Salad
Aug 26 – I know this doesn’t look like much, but this Romesco Chicken Salad, from Bi-Rite Market’s Eat Good Food book, is phenomenal.

Cheese, bread, wine
Aug 27 – Monday evening we had my friend Eunice over for dinner. It was a wonderful mellow gathering, my favorite kind. My niece was born on Monday, so the rest of the week was full of impatience to see her!

Yoga toes
Aug 28 – I’m trying to get back into yoga, starting with some very basic foundational practice. Lots of tadasana and uttasana. Love.

New coffee mug
Aug 29 – I bought a new coffee mug, and it makes me smile.

Baby Julia
Aug 30 – Finally, finally, finally! I got to see sweet Baby Julia. Here she is, three days old.

Torrey Pines Beach
Sept 1 – I spent all day Friday cuddling a baby. So much wonderful cuddling. I forgot to take pictures because I was so enraptured by the baby. But Saturday, we took my other niece , three-year-old Eliana, for a special outing of her own to the beach. She had a total blast playing in the ocean and covering herself in sand.

Two, two, two weeks in one update. I’ll have more baby pictures next week. For now, I’m back in Oakland, catching up on work and settling back into my routine.

05. September 2012 by laura k
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  1. I like your new coffee mug! I’m searching for a new one since my go-to mug broke.