Weeks Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven

I swear folks, this isn’t intentional. But I once again missed a weekly update, and am now sharing two, two, two weeks in one. September has been a doozy so far, and it only promises to continue at its hectic pace. I’m a little disgruntled to see how quickly October is filling up, too. And then we’ll be hitting the holidays and I really, really need some time to breathe.

But yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone is busy. No one likes to hear about that. At least we are good busy!

Breakfast at Big Kitchen
Sept 2 – And that busy-ness started off with an AWESOME breakfast at Big Kitchen in San Diego. This breakfast burrito was phenomenal. I mean, look at that tortilla. You can’t get tortillas like that up here in Oakland.

Andy playing bean bag toss
Sept 3 – Labor Day cookout at my cousins’ house. This is my brother, Andy, playing bean bag toss. Bean bag toss is a classic game in my family. I’m not very good.

Fruit tart, from the best boyfriend ever
Sept 4 – I flew home from San Diego on Tuesday, and Sean was already in Boston for work. But he left behind this beautiful fruit tart for me, and a bottle of the juice that I’m addicted to. Because he’s the best.

Sept 5 – When I was home in San Diego, I made a bunch of pasta sauces for Andy and Lisa to freeze and keep on hand for dinners. Newborn babies require easy dinners. The mushroom ragu I made for them smelled so good, I had to make a batch for myself when I got home.

Padron peppers and cherry tomatoes
Sept 6 – Thursday night involved me on the couch with some snacks, because this is totally how I roll when Sean is out of town. These roasted padron peppers were killer, and the cherry tomatoes were perfectly ripe. I added some bread and cheese to this picture, so it wasn’t a super healthy meal. But it was just right.

The William Morris home
Sept 7 – I’m a little bit obsessed with William Morris. This is my current coffee table book, and I like the way it matches these little coasters I got from Rifle Paper Co. I’m trying to keep the Craftsman motto in my head: Don’t have anything in your home that you don’t believe to be beautiful or know to be useful. I’m preparing to pare down a little.

Our bounty
Sept 8 – Here is a little glimpse of our bounty from the CSA.

The Trappist, in Oakland
Sept 9 – Sean got back from Boston late Saturday night, and on Sunday, we went and had lunch at The Trappist. If you are a fan of Belgian beers, you cannot miss this place. They also have some excellent sausages and housemade pickles. We do things right in Oakland.

Saltwater Taffy and Work
Sept 10 – Sometimes at work, a lady really needs a candy break.

Meal planning
Sept 11 – Meal planning for the week was very easy. Also, camping!

Leftover mushroom sauce
Sept 12 – Wednesday night we were busy packing and prepping for our camping trip in the Sierras. These are the nights when I’m grateful for frozen leftovers. This mushroom sauce was made many months ago, and it was even better now than it was then. Plus, convenience! Also, orecchiette is my favorite shape of pasta, I think. It just looks so darn cute.

Sad balloons
Sept 13 – We drove out to our campsite and met up with my Dad, my uncles, and my aunt Maggie on Thursday. We settled into our sites and took a quick walk down to the river. The weather was perfect and all my uncertainty about this trip dissipated. I saw these balloons on our walk to the river.

Grilling veggies
Sept 13 – We were responsible for dinner on Thursday night, and we decided on steak, chicken, and veggie tacos. My uncle has this awesome grill rack that goes right over the fire. It was very handy.

Sept 14 – Corn was cooked over the fire on Saturday. There is nothing better than eating corn on the cob outside.

My camera battery died on Friday, which is why there are two pictures from Thursday. Doh. On the camping prep checklist I’ve added “Recharge the camera batteries.” We had a great time out in the woods on the annual Boys camping trip. I hope we can go again next year.

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