2012, Week Thirty-Seven

Last week seemed really very long. But it was a good week, mostly, and I am fully embracing fall.

Vanilla Bean Blondies, attempt #1
Sept 23 – On Sunday night, I made Vanilla Bean Blondies. They were good, but way too sweet and much chewier than I wanted. This recipe is going to need some testing before I share it, but I loved these pictures, anyway.

Broken zipper
Sept 24 – I made a skirt over the weekend, and I am really proud of it, it turned out great! But…when I went to wear it on Monday the zipper broke. I haven’t fixed it yet, but I’m hoping to get to that this week. Sigh.

Fixed fountain pens
Sept 25 – To make up for my broken skirt, I fixed some of our fountain pens. I love writing with fountain pens, but my nice pen hasn’t really been functional for the last few years. I decided on Tuesday night I was going to fix it no matter what. And it worked. Turns out, both my and Sean’s pens were totally clogged with dried ink. Now they are working…and I want to get another. :-)

Sept 26 – Reading is a constant in my life. There is always, always a book. This week I re-read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. So good.

My bed is my island
Sept 27 – On Thursday, I had my wisdom teeth out. Ouch. I spent most of the day in bed, reading and drowsing out on pain pills. Whenever I am sick, I turn my bed into an island, and I love it. I think I’ve always discovered that Bust (which I used to read in college, but haven’t been reading as often lately) is kind of like the new, adult Sassy. Not as good, but nothing will ever be as good as Sassy.

Sept 28 – I spent my wisdom teeth weekend drinking juice. And making juice. I finally broke out the juicer I’ve been borrowing (for too long) from my Aunt Maggie, and now I’m in love with it. This technicolor wonder was an apple-pear-beet-ginger juice. And it was fantastic. My other favorite combo is grape-cucumber-apple-ginger. I totally want a juicer now.

Sewing and swelling
Sept 29 – Much to Sean’s chagrin, our apartment has been strewn with the detritus of my newly resuscitated love of sewing lately. Fabric, pattern paper, sewing machine needles, pin cushions. And the paper work from my oral surgeon. After a week of crafty messiness, I finally cleaned it all up yesterday. I think Sean sighed a sigh of relief.

Despite uncomfortable surgery and not being able to eat proper food for the last four days, I had a pretty good week. This weekend I’m heading to Ohio for a library conference, which should be fun. I can’t believe it’s already October, but I’m excited for October. I have lots of plans, and I hope my wave of creativity and craftiness continues.

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