2012, Week Forty-Two

Wow. I just realized that we only have ten weeks left in 2012. That is insanity. I also managed to forget to take a picture on Thursday AND Friday last week. Sad face. It was kind of a long and frustrated week, I will admit. It’s hard to want to capture the moments when the moments are feeling dumb. But here are some of the parts that aren’t dumb

Busted Skirt
Oct 14 – Ok, this part is dumb. I made this skirt a few weeks ago, and the zipper broke. I bought another zipper, took the skirt apart, put in the new zipper, and it broke again. Then I realized that I must have made some cutting and measuring mistakes because as you can see, there is a serious gap in the back. Doh. It’s a bummer: I loved this fabric, and my stitching was actually really good. But alas. I’m still learning. I will just have to try again. (In happier news, I made another skirt this weekend, one I’ve been thinking of for years, and I’m wearing it right now! No broken zipper.)

Butternut Squash "Lasagna"
Oct 15 – I got this recipe for a pasta-less butternut squash “lasagna” from my colleagues Kathryn. It was so delicious. Just thinly sliced squash, Italian sausage, marinara, and plenty of cheese. Yum.

Oct 16 – We’ve been getting lots of little apples from our CSA. We are not eating them fast enough.

Mushroom and Brie Grilled Cheese
Oct 17 – I had a dream for an amazing grilled cheese sandwich, with creamy Brie and sauteed mushrooms. It didn’t turn out quite as wonderful as I imagined, but these sandwiches were still tasty. I just have to do a little more tweaking.

I don’t know what happened to Thursday and Friday. Apparently, nothing worth capturing on pixels.

Know Your Snakes
Oct 20 – But that’s ok, because there was plenty worth capturing on Saturday. We went for a walk in the Huckleberry Botanical Park, and it was quite lovely. And I was admonished to know my snakes. We didn’t see any, but I feel better prepared for the future.

J + S
Oct 20 – I have no idea who J and S are, but I’m happy for them.

22. October 2012 by laura k
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