2012, Week Forty-Four

Last Sunday feels like ages ago. This was a busy week. And I already feel like I’m sliding head first into the holiday season. I love it!

Halal-style chicken and rice with garlic sauce
Oct 28 – Last weekend I made Halal-Cart Style Chicken and Rice from a recipe on Serious Eats. It was tasty, but the very best part is the garlic sauce I picked up at Whole Foods to go along with it. I want to put this stuff on everything.

Oct 29 – Sean bought gorgeous tulips for our apartment. They instantly brightened my grumpy mood.

Vegetable Soup
Oct 30 – I love soup season!

Sunrise in Oakland
Oct 31 – Sunrise in Oakland.

Flying to NY
Nov 1 – We had a really quick trip over the weekend to New York, to celebrate Sean’s mom’s birthday. Red eye flight on Thursday night means the rest of the weekend passed in a bit of a blur.

Grand Central Station
Nov 2 – We were in New York City for about eight hours before we hopped on a train and headed up to Hyde Park. I love Grand Central Station. I love New York City.

A birthday celebration
Nov 3 – Sean’s sister, Stephanie, planned an amazing birthday luncheon for Audrey’s birthday. We went to Gigi’s in Rhinebeck, and the food was spectacular.

It was kind of crazy being in New York right after the hurricane. It was still nearly impossible to get in and out of Manhattan, the subways were running very limited routes, and venturing south of 34th was not an option. But for all that, people were friendly and welcoming. We managed to see the Empire State Building and F.A.O. Schwartz. Central Park was closed but we could still wander along the outskirts, peering in. New York is always one of my favorite places to visit. There’s always something to look at, something to marvel at. I don’t even care if I look like a tourist anymore. Hell, I am a tourist.

The only thing that bummed me out about this trip is that we had such a limited amount of time in New York City. The Hudson River Valley is beautiful, but I didn’t get a chance to visit with friends and family living in Brooklyn. I guess that just gives me more of a reason to go back.

Thanks to Stephanie for throwing an amazing party, and congratulations to Audrey! We love you guys!

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