2012, Week Forty-Eight

I really fell down on the photo-a-day job last week. We went down to San Diego for Thanksgiving, and I was so enraptured by my nieces, and so busy cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and then so wiped out from our Thanksgiving festivities (23 guests!), I really didn’t pick up the camera. Not even the cell phone camera.

Thank goodness for Sean. He took a few of these shots.

Nov 18 – Before we went down south, I went to the Patchwork Craft Fair and Jack London Square Farmers’ Market on Sunday. I had a super delicious crepe, and bought some crafty gifts. I even rode my bike. An excellent Sunday was had.

Monday and Tuesday apparently did not happen. I don’t know where those days went.

Baby Julia
Nov 21 – But by Wednesday, we were in San Diego, and I was gazing at this little one.

Baby Julia
Nov 22 – Seriously, isn’t she cute?

Thanksgiving Table
Nov 22 – Sean managed to get some excellent pictures of the Thanksgiving festivities.

Eli and her My Little Pony
Nov 23 – Friday night we had a quiet dinner at my brother’s house. His little one, Eli, sat and watched My Little Ponies while the adults congregated in the living room. Sean took this one, too.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign that my photo taking habit will be slowly disappearing over the sure-to-be-hectic next five weeks. I’ll try to finish out 2012 strong!

27. November 2012 by laura k
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