2012, Weeks I don’t even know

It’s too telling that I managed to keep up with this project (more or less) until the last month of 2012. My picture taking has dropped of dramatically in December. I’ve learned, or perhaps just confirmed for myself, that these kind of projects, wherein I have to try to remember to do something every single day, just aren’t for me. I’m a forgetful person. But even though I didn’t completely succeed at this project, I did end up taking a lot more pictures than I otherwise would have, and I’m glad I attempted it.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.

Gettin' a tree
Dec 9 – We got a tree! Sean makes awesome faces.

Apples and cookie butter: the best
Dec 10 – I broke down and bought some cookie butter, and it was either the best or worst decision ever. It is SO good. I’m addicted to it, especially spread on apple slices.

Sewing studio
Dec 11 – Sean was in Boston, and I turned our apartment into a sewing studio for three days.

Sucker for packaging
Dec 11 – I am a total sucker for packaging.

Dec 13 – I’m collecting patterns, and preparing to do a lot of garment sewing in 2013. I want to replace at least half of my wardrobe with handmade items.

New fabric
Dec 13 – These gorgeous fabric remnants are from Britex. They will become blouses, if I can figure out how to cut enough fabric from them.

Dec 13 – I made a lot of Christmas presents this year.

Up-cycled sweater
Dec 13 – I also re-fashioned this sweater. I’ve had this cardigan since I was in college, but there were massive holes around the cuffs. I kept it, figuring I had to do something with it because it is so soft. And last week, I figured out what to do with it! I cut off the sleeves to a 3/4 length, and sewing bias tape around the raw edges. It’s imperfect, but it did bring new life back to a favorite sweater. Yay!

Apron fabric
Dec 13 – Some fabric I used for other gifts.

Fairmont Hotel Tree
Dec 13 – The Christmas tree at the Fairmont Hotel. Forgive the weird angle. It was a really big tree.

1/2 yard swatches
Dec 16 – I picked up these gorgeous half-yard swatches in Healdsburg last weekend. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with them yet. Placemats? Napkins? I especially love the retro looking little squares.

Dec 17 – Oh, and Sean and I got engaged last weekend! Yes, I am good at burying the lede. We’re getting married! We are both super excited. Wahooo!

We’re heading to Denver today to spend Christmas with Sean’s family, and my family is coming to Oakland to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It should be a fun and festive holiday season, and hopefully I’ll remember to take enough pictures that the end of the year won’t be lost from my 2012 photo round up.

Thanks to everyone who kept following me and my photographic adventures this year. I know the blog has been pretty silent. There have been a lot of changes going on in my world, and I’m unsure how to keep sharing things here, but somehow, I don’t think this space will ever disappear completely.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Congratulations!!! I completely feel you r pain with the every day projects. It’s why I’ve never even attempted NaBloPoMo. Gotta have weekends off, you know? Anyway, Happy New Year, and congrats again!
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