2012, The End of the Year

Well, I have to admit, this project really went out with a whimper. I have accepted that I am not good at projects that require me to do something every day for X period of time. I am too forgetful for that. Still, I had fun documenting the year, and even more fun looking back. Here’s the wrap up of the end of 2012:

Denver Zoo Lights
Dec 21 – We went to Denver for the holidays to see Sean’s family. Our first night in town we went to the Denver Zoo to see the Zoo Lights. It was beautiful, but I have clearly forgotten how to dress for actual cold weather since I left Boston. My feet nearly froze off. I made everyone leave early because I could hardly walk. Doh.

It's Not Real
Dec 21 – This guy startled all of us. He is not real, but he sure is lifelike.

Old School Dorits
Dec 22 – I saw this totally old school package of Doritos at a Denver supermarket, and I thought it was rad. Note, I did not BUY the old school Doritos. But I swooned a little inside, because I love all things nostalgic.

Beer Cheese Soup
Dec 24 – Our beer cheese soup never had such a nice home. Christmas Eve at Steph and Eddie’s was so lovely.

The rest of my holidays went by in a whirl, without a single picture taken. Ok, without a single picture taken that I can post on a website while still maintaining a loving relationship with Sean. We shared Christmas with his family, and New Years Eve with mine. We had a surprise visit from our dear friends, Crystal and Micah, and yes, we dove into wedding planning. It was fun, exhausting, indulgent, lazy, and, um, did I mention indulgent? I am still recovering.

I added 336 photos to the A Photo A Day in 2012 set. I know, that’s not really a photo a day. But it is pretty neat to have last year captured. Want to see all the pictures? They are all on Flickr, in my photo a day in 2012 set.

This year, I hope to continue to capture some of our best moments, but I am sure am glad to have the pressure off.

04. January 2013 by laura k
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