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Dorie’s Cheese Souffle

Whew. The last two weeks, nay, the past month has been crazy nuts. We have been BUSY. There’s been traveling, and hiking, and visiting with friends and family. There’s been working and more working. There has been stress, but thankfully, … Continue reading

26. May 2012 by laura k
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Not-So-Meaty Meatloaf

Toward the end of March I started realizing that I was eating a lot of sweets. And french fries. And more pizza than usual. My carefully developed healthy habits had taken a nosedive, and I was feeling it. I decided … Continue reading

18. April 2012 by laura k
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Saffron Chickpea Stew

The rainy season appears to be underway here in the East Bay. I’m not complaining because it’s still the mildest winter I’ve experienced in over eight years. I’d forgotten how much rain freaks Californians out, though. We get confused by … Continue reading

14. March 2012 by laura k
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Saturday Morning, Coconut Muffins

I know that I’m emerging from whatever dark lull I’ve been sunk in when I wake up on a Saturday morning with an urge to bake. Before I even finish my coffee I’m pulling bins of flour and sugar out … Continue reading

10. March 2012 by laura k
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Greek Frittata

Frittatas are like the easier version of quiche. Just as much eggy goodness, no need to roll out pie dough. They make for a simple, quick dinner, and are perfect paired with a light green salad. You might be more … Continue reading

23. February 2012 by laura k
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When I was growing up, eggs for dinner were usually a sign that money was tight. Maybe my brothers and I needed dental work that month, or we’d just had to go shopping for new clothes and school supplies, or … Continue reading

14. February 2012 by laura k
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Double-Coconut Cream Pie

[Update: Think this pie looks delicious? Enter to win a copy of Desserts from the Famous Loveless Cafe by Monday, September 5, 2011 at 8 am.] Last June I received a cookbook to review from Library Journal that immediately sparked … Continue reading

09. August 2011 by laura k
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Pesto and Egg Potato Salad

Despite the fact that I’ve been trying to stop buying books lately, I picked up two new cookbooks shortly after we moved into our house. I figured they were worth trying to find the space for, and I was right. … Continue reading

12. July 2011 by laura k
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Baked’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I grew up in San Diego, where we didn’t really have much in the way of winter weather. January tends to be a bit rainy, and the fog can roll in so thick at night you can’t see the lines … Continue reading

18. October 2010 by laura k
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Grandpa’s Favorite Spice Cake

My Grandparents both passed away this last April. Their deaths were unexpected: Both were pretty healthy for being 80 years old, and had just returned from spending the winter with my parents in San Diego, which they’ve been doing every … Continue reading

16. September 2010 by laura k
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