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Classic Curried Chicken Salad

This week Sean is out of town, and I am eating like a total single lady. By that I mean on the couch, surrounded by magazines and watching How I Met Your Mother. By that I also mean I’m eating … Continue reading

03. May 2012 by laura k
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Persian Chicken Stew

It is no secret that I’ve been at a real standstill in the kitchen lately. It isn’t just culinary inspiration that’s been lacking, but the writerly inspiration, too. Even when I do cook something fantastic, I can’t seem to find … Continue reading

02. March 2011 by laura k
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From the farm: Pea Shoot Pesto

I got my first box from West End Farm this week, which was very exciting. It was full of green things, many of them unknown to me, but thanks to the handy dandy newsletter, they were quickly identified. Tis the … Continue reading

13. May 2010 by laura k
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Broccoli and Dill Wild Rice

I think dill is my new favorite herb, thanks to this bowl of rice and broccoli. When I started pulling things out of the refrigerator to make lunch, I had no idea I was going to love what came out … Continue reading

09. April 2010 by laura k
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Brussels Sprout and Brown Rice Salad

This might not look like the most appetizing meal you’ve ever seen, but I have to tell you, it is so tasty and satisfying it has become a very regular dinner in my little house. I’ve tried a few variations … Continue reading

01. March 2010 by laura k
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Caramel Walnut Buche de Noel

When I was in high school I was a bit of a Francophile. Ok, I was a lot of a Francophile. I took French throughout high school, and most years our teacher would bring a buche de noel to share … Continue reading

16. December 2009 by laura k
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Cookie Time: Mexican Wedding Cakes

Oh yes. It is time for Holiday Cookies, and for me, that always means at least one batch of my all time favorites: Mexican Wedding Cakes. Or Russian Tea Cakes. Or Kourambethes Greek Cookies. Whatever you call them, they are … Continue reading

10. December 2009 by laura k
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Rustic Walnut Bread

For someone who bakes her own bread pretty regularly, I haven’t experimented too much with different types of bread. I usually only eat bread once a day, for breakfast, with peanut butter, so I tended to think that my options … Continue reading

10. November 2009 by laura k
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